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Parent Solution: Carrier For Reverse Walker

SHARING from Jessie Cooksey After 2yrs of looking and coming up short, I’ve made myself a carrier for Emilies reverse walker. I made it from an old BabyBackpack. When Emilie...


Parent Solutions: Accessible Bathrooms

Have wheelchair will travel shares bathroom modifications and solutions. Usually I am talking about accessible bathrooms in hotels and other venues but recently I asked our Facebook community to share...

How Do You Get Your Kids Active? 0

How Do You Get Your Kids Active?

Our readers shared with us (on Facebook) how they get their children active without breaking the bank. Bonnie L. My son and I have a “dance” party everyday. We turn...


Parents’ Solutions: For Adapting Equipment

The saying “necessity is the mother of invention” is often used and I think this blog is a fine example of parents finding fantastic solutions to problems when it comes to access and equipment.