Respite: Take a Break to Recharge 0

Respite: Take a Break to Recharge

Respite: Take a Break to Recharge Most parents I know, both special needs and “typical” ones, have a great deal of difficulty making time for priorities other than work and...


Healthy Eating Tips

Spring is near and it is always a great time for positive changes. Whether it is because you are waiting for nicer


Spring is in the Air

I love spring. As I sit here to write to you today, I can’t help but think of the time of year we are in.

The Intruder 0

The Intruder

I am guilty. Probably most mothers of autistic children are guilty, too. We talk about our children and their difficulties and then


New Responsibilities 12-14

Elementary school is behind you and you are now in middle school. This move has meant many changes in your life including