…..and We’re Off!!!!!

This “new launch” is certainly much more personal for me. It is more personal for you as well. You see, we all have a common thread….

What is 22q 1

WHAT IS 22q?

In an effort to raise awareness on the various disorders, Parenting Special Needs magazine will be highlighting one disorder per issue.
In this issue we are highlighting VCFS

What is Orphan Disabilities 0

Orphan Disabilities

There are few things as devastating as a doctor or other professional telling you that your child has a disability. We all, at the least, want our child to be equal to their peers


The Water Pots

I’ve been collecting parables and other poignant stories for use in my speeches, seminars, and presentations for clients, advocacy colleagues and youth. I thought you might enjoy this


The Many Gifts

I not know. These three little words were the only vocabulary my then 7 year old foster sister could say

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