Eligibility How Is It Determined 0

Eligibility How Is It Determined?

Eligibility As you sit at the IEP Table, the Team is discussing your child and the school says that your child needs to be evaluated and then the Team will...

What Are Those Procedural Safeguards 0

What Are Those Procedural Safeguards

You receive your IEP meeting notice and included are 20 pages of Procedural Safeguards. At the meeting, you are also asked if you want another copy of the Procedural Safeguards....


Is My Child Receiving FAPE?

You know the acronym – FAPE. But do you know what it means? Do you know what it means for your child? Spelled out, FAPE is a Free Appropriate Public...

The 4-1-1 on 504 Plans 0

The 4-1-1 on 504 Plans

What is a 504 Plan? How can a 504 Plan help my child? Is my child even eligible for a 504 Plan? “Section 504 is a federal law designed to...

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