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Why Me? Why My Child? Wisdom Found in the “Hero’s Journey”

Wisdom found in the “hero’s journey” Personal growth and expansion is so wondrous – the opening of a lotus flower – an I’mage from Buddhism. Representing a soul that is...

Gifting Holidays 0

Gifting Holidays: Overcoming Challenges and Promoting Enjoyment

Gifting Holidays Birthdays, holidays and other special occasions (e.g., graduations, weddings) are commonly associated with gifts. Giving and receiving gifts during these celebrations can be exciting and enjoyable, but may...

Making School a Sensational Place 0

Making School a Sensational Place

Making School a Sensational Place Children with sensory sensitivities or SPD have a higher risk of slipping through the educational cracks due to misdiagnosis and misunderstanding. The problem isn’t that...

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