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Barbara Sher is a pediatric occupational therapist and the author of nine books on games that have been published in seven languages. Her latest is Early Intervention Play: Joyful Games for Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder. Her books can be seen at her website, www.gameslady.com or on any online bookstore.

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Paper clip Jewelry 0

Paper clip Jewelry

You’ve probably made a paper clip necklace at some point in your life. But, did you think to give your child this handy activity? All you need is a simple...

Leandro Teaches a Lesson 0

Leandro Teaches a Lesson

Leandro was diagnosed with Autism. To his mom, dad and even me, his therapist, a better description would be Difficult. Very Difficult. Leandro had opinions and mostly they were “No”....

Don't Throw That Styrofoam Away! 0

Don’t Throw That Styrofoam Away!

The next time you get some equipment packed in Styrofoam blocks, grab it! It’s the basis of a perfect toy. Next, you’ll need to get golf teas. You can get...

Postcard Diaries & Memorabilia Bags 0

Postcard Diaries & Memorabilia Bags

Memorabilia Recording memories when you travel with the family is always a good idea—in theory. The reality might be very full days with the challenges of finding meals that satisfy,...


Guess the Winning Number

Waiting for someone to arrive can be anxiety provoking, whether it is for someone to come in a car to pick you up or for someone to get off the...