Headspace: Meditation By Headspace Meditation Limited


Perfect for back to school chaos, the lifestyle app Headspace: Meditation is an innovative program designed to help individuals achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle through guided meditations. The app makes it easy for users of all ages and abilities to practice meditation anytime and anywhere. The mobile nature of the app means that everyone can have guided meditation literally at their fingertips, and users can practice mobile mindfulness even on-the-go.

Price: Free access includes Basics (ten sessions), Breathe Mini, 1 session from their most popular pack in each series, Singles Introductions and Everyday Headspace (3 sessions). The free Headspace trial will not expire after a certain amount of time. You will always have access to the content mentioned above. To unlock additional content outside of the free trial, subscribe by going to https://www.headspace.com/buy.

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