Jan/Feb 2020

What Do You Do When Financial Hardships Hit 0

What Do You Do When Financial Hardships Hit

Tips to Conquer Financial Hardships Living “paycheck to paycheck” is a fact of life for many families and emergency funds are non-existent. Too often, money does not stretch far enough....

Meet Jahyyah 0

Meet Jahyyah

Seventeen-year-old Jahyyah is limited in her ability to speak, but she is an attentive listener and does her best to communicate with others. She greets people warmly with her beautiful...

Meet Eddie 0

Meet Eddie

As soon as you see Eddie’s sparkly eyes and wide smile, you know you are meeting someone special. Even those he has just met are captivated by him and are...

Tech Tips for Money Fun 0

Tech Tips for Money Fun

Money Fun As a new year begins, people everywhere are setting goals or resolutions to be better at something. Many times resolutions include taking better care of oneself, spending more...

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