Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)

A DNR order is a physician’s written order instructing healthcare providers not to attempt CPR in case of cardiac or respiratory arrest…


Perspective = Joy

Over the years I have struggled to find something, anything, to wrap up and put under the tree for him…

What is Dandy-Walker Syndrome 0

What is Dandy-Walker Syndrome?

To help Raise awareness on the various disorders, Parenting Special Needs magazine will be shining a light on Dandy-Walker Syndrome.


Autism’s Affect On Siblings

Siblings of autistic children can be left feeling lonely or left out of the picture. Now programs exist that teach siblings how to relate to their autistic brother or sister. Meg Oliver reports


Special Needs Parenting

Floridians who have a family member with Developmental Disabilities have a special status under State law…