Meet Jarrod

Meet Jarrod Jarrod is a kind-hearted young man (20) who goes out of his way to help others; his broad smile and gentle eyes will be the highlight of your...


Meet Jackson

Meet Jackson Being 9 years old, Jackson is constantly laughing, snuggling, or playing, and those around him consider him a “ray of sunshine.” It’s impossible to have a bad day...

Meet Franklin 0

Meet Franklin

Meet Franklin Ten-year-old Franklin has been described as the bright light in the room. Reserved at first, once you begin to engage with him and his favorite toys, he is...

Meet Nelson 0

Meet Nelson

Meet Nelson Known for his smile and infectious giggle, Nelson is a very sweet and friendly teenager. He enjoys crafts, games, and watching his favorite TV shows. He is quite...

Meet Christian 0

Meet Christian

Meet Christian This 12-year-old has the energy and smile that can light up a room! He enjoys meeting new people and loves to interact with those around him. To release...

Meet Josiah 0

Meet Josiah

In Josiah, 9 years old, you will find where radiance and joy meet! He is all laughs and smiles when interacting with those he cherishes. Josiah will convey what he...

Meet Antoine 0

Meet Antoine

Antoine is a charming, imaginative, and independent 11-year-old and he is ready to find his forever family! He can spend hours playing with LEGO, creating masterpiece after masterpiece. Playing video...

Meet Daniel 0

Meet Daniel

Meet Daniel Daniel is a highly social 8-year-old with a sweet and gentle demeanor that captures your attention and heart immediately! Daniel displays pure joy in the smallest of interactions...

Meet Corey 0

Meet Corey

Meet Corey Corey has a wide smile that lights up the room. This 16-yearold describes himself as “smart, funny, and happy” and others agree, adding that he is kind, cheerful...

Meet Sammy 0

Meet Sammy

Sammy is a friendly and affectionate 19-year-old. A puzzle master, Sammy enjoys the challenge of assembling puzzles and building structures. He also has an extensive and organized DVD collection, and...

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