Dr. Kari Miller


Focus On the Positive {Tip 31 of 31}

Teach your child how to focus on the positive! One of the greatest gifts a parent can bestow on their child is to teach him how to anticipate enjoyable things...


Guide Your Special Needs Child to Expect Success!

Children with special learning needs have experienced more failure and disappointment than other children. Parenting children with special learning needs can be difficult, and calls forth from their parents an extra measure of

Seven Unexpected Ways to Increase Your Child's Learning 1

Seven Unexpected Ways to Increase Your Child’s Learning

When most people hear words such as “learning,” “smart,” or “memory,” they automatically think of the brain. In school we teach “to the head” only, asking students to sit in chairs for long periods of time, listening and


Raising a Successful College Graduate

Children with special needs have experienced more frustration and academic failure than most other children. Yet, some of them become successful college students who graduate with a specialty in