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Debra Taylor is a 52 year old mother of three boys. She grew up in Kissimmee, Florida, and moved to Vero Beach, Florida in 2001 with her husband and youngest son. She says “the biggest and best accomplishment in her life is her three boys.” Her oldest son is a captain in the Army Special Forces and served in Afghanistan and Iraq. Her middle born son was in the Army in Kuwait and is now a Lieutenant Firefighter/Paramedic with the Osceola County, Florida Fire Department. Her youngest son lives with her and her husband and is a special needs child. Debra has over 27 years under her belt with a special needs child and has seen many changes in the system and public awareness. She and her family have spent months at a time in hospitals and she strives to overcome obstacles to obtain the best possible care and education for her son. She is aware of the hardships of having a special needs family member, and is an advocate for special needs awareness.

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What is Orphan Disabilities 0

Orphan Disabilities

There are few things as devastating as a doctor or other professional telling you that your child has a disability. We all, at the least, want our child to be equal to their peers


What Happens When We Are Gone?

What happens to our special needs family member when the primary caretaker dies? This is a question that has concerned my husband and me for a number of years now