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special needs

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Since 1968, Camp Civitan has been providing sleep-away camp experiences for children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities. Located in Northern Arizona in the town of Wiliams, Camp Civitan’s 15-acre wheelchair accessible facility offers week-long summer and year-round weekend excursions that promote positive friendships, personal growth and new adventures. Civitan is a DES/DDD Qualified Vendor. Respite and private pay options available.
5008 N Civitan Rd
Law Office of Heidi M. Crimins, Family Law, Special Needs and Elder Law.
PO Box 3424
(386) 873-2756
Gliding Stars is an Adaptive ice skating program that practices on the rink at RDV Sportsplex Ice Den most Sundays from 5-6pm. Equipment and 50min of ice time is included.
8701 Maitland Summit Blvd
Parents know how difficult it is to keep track of everything going on with their kids. From meal planning, to scheduling medications, to the everyday schedule, our children’s lives seem just as busy as ours, if not more. When a child has special needs, the complexity is raised to another level, which is why this interactive planner for caregivers has been created and it’s free for you to use.

Explore and discover user-friendly ways to plan your child’s every day activities, record your child’s meals, track games and other adventures, log medications, and share emergency contact information.
Joyful Music Therapy serves individuals of all ages and abilities, from young children to seniors, at our center in Orlando, Florida and other locations around Central Florida. According to the American Music Therapy Association, music therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program. Our music therapists, certified by the Certification Board for Music Therapists, utilize developmentally appropriate ways to stimulate and engage people of all ages and abilities.
719 Lee Road
To advocate the burn victims’ community, Risk Checker is an interactive resource that educates families on potential fire hazards within the home.
The Super Safe Kids book series engages children and their families in evidence-based practices for hospital and community safety, while encouraging self-advocacy.
Mission statement! The Kamloops Self-Advocate is a newsletter for and about differently abled
people. Our mission is to present positive stories that highlight people’s
successes while entertaining and educating our readership. We also aim to
create opportunities for individuals to voice their opinions and concerns. We
hope to improve people’s lives and help to erase the stigma around diverse
abilities and mental health issues.
Our goal for the future is to have an advisory group that can guide this process
and help to make it even more successful. Our other goal is to have contests
around disabilities like autism for special awareness days or months.
We need to expand this beyond service providers/agencies and get it out into the
community more, so we can help educate the next generation and the whole
We believe in inclusion and equality and less segregation from society.
130 St.Paul street apt.305
The mission of The Shape of Behavior, ABA Center for Autism mission is to provide individualized data-based treatment by shaping small successes to improve the quality of life for all individuals, as well as to conduct research that will help support and advance the field of applied behavior analysis.
12941 North Freeway
Ste 750
Educational Therapy through the National Institute for Learning Development: Specializing in building executive function, auditory, visual, and fine motor processing, and memory; all of the foundational processing skills needed for reading, writing, spelling, math… Students who complete this program become independent learners inspite of their diagnosis. Research based techniques yield significant improvements in academics and daily life. Based on the research that says, “Your brain remains plastic, or changeable, your whole life. You can improve academic skills and intelligence.” Also providing homeschool consultations and evaluations.
2330 Cordova Ave
Vero Beach
561 248 6182