Lovin’ Arms – P.P.E.C.

Lovin’ Arms – P.P.E.C.
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We are medical Day Care for special needs and medically complex children birth to age 21. Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Center. We are 100% funded by Medicaid. We provide free transportation for those who qualify. We offer: ABA Therapy, Sibling Therapy Group, Parent-Caregiver Support and Education, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Physical Occupational and Speech Therapy. Come tour our beautiful center today!

The founder and co-founder of Lovin’ Arms strongly believe in giving all children the love and care they deserve. The name ‘Lovin’ Arms’, was born from the desire to reach out and assure all families in the community that all children at our facility will receive services they need from our compassionate team of loving arms.

Lovin’ Arms provides an environment where children thrive emotionally and physically. Lovin’ Arms is an exclusive space where children come socialize with their peer groups while receiving individualized medical and emotional support.

We spare no effort surpassing our compassionate objectives in nursing care. Our brand new, state of the art, 6000 sq ft facility is designed with the child in mind. We are proud to say that our flagship location in Greenacres Florida is the first PPEC in the county and is the first of many centers that will open throughout the tri-county areas. Our 17-room facility boasts a custom designed movie theatre, a multimedia playroom, a traditional playroom, specialized classroom, 2 different lunch halls, music and art therapy rooms, all our therapy rooms and individualized dormitory spaces that give children of different age groups space to relax, rest and be with their peers. Transportation is available to and from home or school.

If you wish to learn more about our services and schedule a tour to our facility, please contact our friendly team at - 561-469-2981 and or customercare@lovin-arms.com

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  • Lovin’ Arms – P.P.E.C.
  • Lovin’ Arms – P.P.E.C.
  • Lovin’ Arms – P.P.E.C.

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