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    Product Description
    220V/110V Nail Drill Art Dust Suction Collector Manicure Machine Filing Acrylic UV Gel Tip
    Products Name: Nail Dust Collector
    Packing size: 37x29x10cm (1pcs)
    Color: White, pink
    Gross Weight: 1.2kgs
    Power Requirement: 220V 110V
    HZ: 50HZ-60HZ
    Power Consumption: 40w
    Nail dust collector description:
    1. Installation: Firstly please open the packing. Then take out the equipment check whether the bag for the nail dust ready. If the bag don’t fix in the equipment, please fix it exactly.
    2. The appliance should be used at rated voltage and frequency.
    3. Ensure that the fan is switched off from the supply mains before removing the guard.
    4. The appliance is intended for indoor use only.
    5. Don’t use the appliance in damp or wet location.
    6. If the supply cord is damaged, manufacturer, its service agent, must replace it or similar qualified.
    7. Don’t use or stop to use if the appliance is damaged, especially the supply cord and the case.Customized Nail Dust Collector

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