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  • How I did it DIY Sensory Rooms
  • The Gut-Brain Connection
  • Analyzing Patterns The Second Step to Improving Your Child’s Behavior
  • I Can Bike! I Can Shine!
  • Organizing Your Child’s Brain


Autism Fitness


SensaCalm 855-736-7222

Family Cafe

The 19th Annual Family Café Florida’s Premier Event for People with Disabilities and Their Families June 16-18, 2017 * Hyatt Regency Orlando • No Registration Fee for Families • 200+...

Melony Stevens Photography [email protected]

George Marwieh MCompanies

Special Needs Planning using what you Already Have! Let us help you create your OWN Sustainable Special Needs Plan for Greater Financial Security. We have developed a unique SSNAP Process...

Blum Do you know a 3-8 year old child who has autism? Introducing a PHASE 3 14-week study to see if an investigational medication may reduce symptoms of autism. Participants...

Moms Share

sharing “i can” attitudes! My hero is my daughter, Kelsey Norris, age 13. Kelsey is on the autism spectrum – Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) and has Rubenstein-Taybi Syndrome. She is...

Shield Heaith Care

GROW with Shield HealthCare Pediatric Program addresses the physical, mental and emotional needs of children with special needs and their families. Find more helpful articles, inspiration and resources at:...

ABR Canada

Helping your child thrive and flourish ABR improves… • Respiration • Digestion and food absorption • Sleep • Trunk strength and posture • Weight-bearing performance • Balance • Gaze •...

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