Mar/Apr 2013

Postcard Diaries & Memorabilia Bags 0

Postcard Diaries & Memorabilia Bags

Memorabilia Recording memories when you travel with the family is always a good idea—in theory. The reality might be very full days with the challenges of finding meals that satisfy,...

ASK Angie ASL + Tips: IEP Meetings 0

ASK Angie ASL + Tips: IEP Meetings

This video demonstrates the ASL signs for common words used for, and throughout, an IEP. Words included in video: Parents, Name, I want, Choices, Learn, Plan, and Success. (Continued on...

I Feel Like Dancing 0

I Feel Like Dancing

I was very pleased when I received the email from my editor that this issue is about music, dance and movement. Although I usually write about organizing, I wanted to...