Mar/apr 2011


Sharing “I CAN!” Attitudes

Anticipating Next Big DAY Picture taken on his graduation day from Mainstream Montessori receiving his certificate. This moment is so special for us as we were told upon his diagnosis,...

Beresford West Improved Living Accommodation Work! 0

Beresford West: Improved Living Accommodation Work!

Beresford West, 22, a non-verbal individual, needs constant assistance and medical attention. Beresford, in the care of another New York-based agency, spent many years in critical condition. Near death, came...

Tiny Light Audrey 0

Tiny Light Audrey

Audrey Audrey is a very independent 15 month old. She loves music and dancing and is calmed by a song. Audrey has Septo Optic Dysplasia. She was diagnosed at 6...


Spring Ahead With an IEP Toolkit!

If a child has a learning disability, or some other form of disability, she is mostly likely on a school IEP (Individualized Education Program). What is an IEP? A written...


We Are What We Eat!

You have heard this saying a million times, but what exactly does it mean to you, your family and your bodies? Americans consume huge amounts of processed foods, including: fast...

Eating Green? 0

Eating Green?

For some people, being green is their way of life. It is not only helpful for the environment, but for your body as well. By experimenting with some green eating...

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